TBG's high level of success is the result of an inclusive, multidisciplinary, user-group-oriented team approach that discovers innovative and effective responses to the needs of the client that are context-based and highly individual. TBG brings user groups through a process of exploration, goal outlining, idea generation, consensus building and concept evaluation. We believe that facility users have specific knowledge embedded in their memories, collective experiences and aspirations, and that our value is in providing an organizing tool by which these resources may be exposed.

It is our goal, as architects and planners, to help our clients achieve their objectives in a way that leaves a cherished memory of the process we experienced together. In all of our projects, we collaborate closely with user and focus groups, the Owner's project representatives, construction managers, and consultants during the entire design and construction process, and utilize a project and cost management system that supports the construction landmark facilities within a predetermined timeline and budget.

We are passionate about what we do and we have fun doing it!

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