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Coburg Station

Coburg Station - Master Capital Management, LLC dba Uptown Development #1, LLC - Eugene Oregon
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Coburg Station is a 29,000 sf retail center nestled comfortably between the well-established retail centers of Oakway Center and the more recently completed Pavilion on Coburg and houses a mixture of restaurant and retail tenants. The center shares a theme with these neighbors of creating wellcrafted pedestrian realms within the framework of a very tight development site.

Coburg Station's language of form, material and colors is particularly dynamic and activated, creating multiple rhythms and visual syncopations that echo throughout the development. Elegant arching roof forms ripple through the development and set up a strong, contrasting counterpoint to the more rustic palette of stone, steel and brightly colored stucco of the buildings' main masses.

Deep steel awnings supported on stone-clad colonnades and low stonewalls create comfortable sitting porches for dining patrons and shoppers alike. Human-scaled lighting and a thoughtful planting scheme create a delightful environment that invites and entices passersby and the multitude of daily drivers on Coburg Road. The center's activated geometries and distinctive palette of colors and materials provide it with a very unique identity that makes it Eugene's newest premier shopping destination.

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