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MetroBru Drive Thru Coffee

MetroCom Development LLC - Eugene, Oregon
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300 sf - Drive Thru Coffee
They say beauty comes in small packages. TBG was commissioned to revamp an existing outdated coffee drive-thru kiosk as part of a major rebranding project. MetroBru Drive Thru Coffee, located at one of the busiest thoroughfares in Eugene, Oregon, was designed to act as a beacon that attracts commuters to get their dose of tru bru experience.

The redesigned kiosk stayed within the original building footprint and utilizes most of the existing structural system in order to stay economically viable. The new design features a palette of new materials and colors that expresses the boldness of freshly brewed cup of joe. A solid stone veneer base grounds the building nicely, while a rain-screen system featuring salvaged southern yellow pine wood provides the warm tone for the overall building. A new stucco cladded vertical element and metal panel screen system were cleverly juxtaposed to conceal a roof-top mechanical unit and at the same time function as backdrop for the new signage.

The thoughtful redesigned effort resulted in a compact building that is vibrant, inviting, and welcoming, while at the same time expresses the exceptional quality of the beverages served at MetroBru Drive Thru Coffee.

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