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The Ten Coburg

10 Coburg, LLC - Eugene, Oregon
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36,345 SF - Commercial Office Building
The Ten Coburg is a 36,000 sf, three-story medical office building designed and built to suit the needs and aspirations of eight different individual owners split amongst four distinct medical practice groups. Although diverse in their needs, all of the owners were unified in their ambition to create a building that was simple and elegant in its materials while exhibiting something of the feminine in curving forms and warm interior finishes. A core building made of glass, steel and custom aluminum panels interlocks with and slides behind/past massive masonry walls made of smooth white concrete block laid up in a tightly jointed ashlar pattern. The masonry walls are punctured to reveal deep, slotted windows in some locations and allow the lighter glass building to spring free in others. Custom louvered sunshades create changing patterns of dappled light across the building's smooth surfaces as the sun moves through the day, painting the building's neutral surfaces with the colors of the sky and the setting sun.

To the north, a three-story atrium houses a cascading stair of steel and solid maple, whose glass baluster slides between the soaring north-facing bay window and an anchoring column of rich cherry paneling. The stair and sweeping balconies provide distant views of The Coburg Hills and beyond. The curves of the building's form ripple out into the landscape in colored concrete and low, cast concrete sitting walls accented with elegant, pedestrian-scaled site lighting to create an inviting pedestrian environment supported by a rich palette of native plant materials that integrate building and site.

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