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Thurston Station

Lane Transit District, Springfield Oregon
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1,516 SF - Park & Ride Station
Lane Transit District asked TBG to design a Park and Ride Station to serve their Thurston and east Springfield riders, and to anchor the easterly end of their newly planned Bus Rapid Transit route. Thurston Station announces a new image to suburban transit patrons that riding the bus is convenient, safe and friendly. The award-winning station provides parking, restrooms for drivers, covered bike parking, schedule kiosks and a generous platform area with a small grove of trees that march out into the landscape. The building forms are intentionally small and evocative of traditional transit station images. The structure is open, airy, light and visually interesting to those waiting below. Indirect lighting illuminates the ceilings and gives the entire platform a soft glow and comforting sense of security. Low brick sitting walls weave throughout the canopy and provide sitting zones that can shift with the seasons and provide a bit of separation when there is a crowd waiting to go to a game.

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