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Planet Improvement Center

BRING Recycling - Eugene, Oregon
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Phase 1 - 22,760 SF - Recycling Warehouse Offices
The Planet Improvement Center aspires to demonstrate resource reuse in a way that will shift acceptance from the fringe to the mainstream and will present conservation, reuse and rethinking of consumption in an attractive, inspiring and interesting setting. BRING's aim is to create a cross between a visitor's center, a theme park, a reuse warehouse, an art gallery and a retail outlet. The goal was to make it so exciting and visually interesting that people will come just to look and leave more educated and inspired to think "REUSE."

The new campus embodies the environmental, social and artistic ideals in BRING's motto: REDUCE/REUSE/RECYCLE/RETHINK. Translating these ideals into practice resulted in a new facility that not only recognizes the continuous rebirth of old into new, but does so in a fun, exciting and thoughtful way to broadcast BRING's commitment to the well-being of the neighborhood and the planet.

Since moving to the new Glenwood Planet Improvement Center, BRING has been named Business of the Year by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and was awarded the Tom Holce Award for Entrepreneurship in the nonprofit category by the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.

Some of the photography provided by Christopher Covey Photography

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