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Terraces at the Pavilion

Bennett Management Company - Eugene, Oregon
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68,000 SF - Multifamily Residential Dwellings
The Terraces at the Pavilion consist of 49 condominium units in a new medium density residential development located northeast of downtown Eugene. With a mixture of 1- and 2-bedroom flats and townhouses, the entire development is divided into 2- and 3-story complexes with 32% of the site area dedicated to landscaping. Located between both commercial and residential zoning districts, the Terraces will successfully bring an urban lifestyle to Eugene that is typically found in much larger cities.

The general plan for the arrangement of the three complexes on the site was driven largely by a desire to maximize density on a site with very unique geometry. The result is a courtyard arrangement, which affords residents an open plaza and triangular landscaped space for community socializing or events. During quieter times, pedestrian amenities and a water feature also provide a meditative place to relax. A connection to the retail shops at the Pavilion on Coburg is maintained, which provides a walkable shopping or eating locale for residents.

During the early phases of schematic design, the complex's overall massing was carefully studied to ensure that the spacing between the units and the connecting exterior walkways did not preclude light from penetrating into the inner complex courts. Oversized windows and tall ceilings throughout invite ample daylight into each unit and provide a strong visual connection to the site's amenities. Each unit has access to the exterior with a private balcony or patio space, as well as one reserved garage for parking and storage.

Photography by Christopher Covey Photography and Chambers Construction

site by canright